About the AR-15

The AR-15 rifle is a semi-automatic, gas operated, rotating bolt, rifle designed by Eugene Stoner in 1957. The AR-15 is the civilian derivative of the select fire, military version, the M16. The weapon comes in many sizes, calibers, and lengths ranging from a 26” free floated, bull barrel, .308, target model with a fixed stock to a 7” barrel, 9mm pistol, to a somewhat common 16” heavy barrel .223 carbine with a collapsible stock.

Custom AR-15 Rifles and Accessories

Our Custom Shop builds the finest AR-15’s available for Civilian and Law Enforcement applications. Choose from different style barrels, triggers, upper and lower receivers, and accessories.

AR-15 and Class III rifles

  • Class III SBR Rifles From P.O.F, DPMS, and Colt
  • Innovative Arms and SureFire Suppressor’s in stock
  • CLass III NFA Transfers
  • Complete uppers For Pistol AR’s, and Registered SBR Class III Rifles
  • Complete Custom Precision AR uppers
  • Magul, Troy, YHM, SureFire Stocking dealer, and tones more
  • 2 Stage National match triggers- RRA, CMMG, Timney, JP, and more
  • Upper Recievers, Lower recievers, Barrels, Parts kits, BCG’s, in stock
  • We install rail systems, Barrels, Custom Triggers, and more


Customize your AR-15

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